Monday Morning Boost: Building A New Tribe

Monday Morning Boost: Building A New Tribe

I lost a tribe a few years back.

It was hard.
Really hard.

It’s still hard at times bumping into some of my old tribe, though not near as hard as at first.

The anger is mostly gone as is most of the hurt.

Most of the time I feel at peace because I’m in a much better position. I’ve extended a lot of forgiveness and hope the lost tribe has as well.

I gloat sometimes knowing I got the better end of a rough deal. And sometimes I rejoice when I feel they still think of me like a burr under a worn-out saddle blanket on their beat-up old hoss.

But these are prideful and unhealthy thoughts I’m not honored to say I’ve entertained.

I’m choosing now, and have for some time, to focus on the great professional tribe they were for a long time and to be grateful for the incredible opportunity created by saying goodbye.

I’m now able to be more true to my core strengths. I make a greater impact. The blinders caused by the trappings of a good life are gone. I can now see and better realize what a truly great life can be!

I am happier.

My core tribe of my family is happier.

I have now found a much greater tribe who sees me without limitations, who loves me, believes in me, and encourages me in a significant measure I never would have experienced with the previous tribe.

I strive to receive the energy of this new tribe with enthusiasm, confidence, and gratitude. In turn, I strive to abundantly share my energy.


We don’t have to lose a tribe in order to build a new tribe. We must, however, choose to think differently. We must consistently choose to see things differently.

Consistency is the key.

Tell a different story one time and nothing will happen. Tell yourself a better story every day, even several times every day, and you’ll start to discover the exponential power of creating something new for yourself!

But is building a new tribe risky?

Perhaps. But staying the same is riskier.

“The riskiest thing you can do now is be safe,” says Seth Godin. “The safe thing to do now is to be at the fringes, be remarkable.”

Being very good is also risky. Seth Godin again.

“Being very good is one of the worst things you could possibly do. Very good is boring. Very good is average. … If it’s very good it’s not going to work because no one is going to notice it.”


If you’re thinking it may be time for you to expand your current tribe, find a new tribe, or build a new tribe, then do more than think about it.

When looking to affect change Seth Godin suggests we start by asking ourselves these three questions:

  1. Who are you upsetting? (If you’re not upsetting anyone, you’re not changing the status quo)
  2. Who are you connecting? (A lot of people are only in it for the connections)
  3. Who are you leading? (Without a clear focus on this, change won’t come)

Here’s a Red Edge Power Of Three starting point.

  1. Write down why you feel you need a new tribe, or change the dynamic of your current tribe.
  2. Write down how you will lead the movement, remember you are leading, one way or the other, even if you do nothing. Choose to lead with intention.
  3. Write down your three initial actions steps you will take. And yes, you can totally call it your Power of Three action steps!


The whole process starts with telling yourself a better story. Then tell another person how their story can be better. Then connect them. Then lead them. Then make the change.

Seth Godin and I are both teaching the same thing.

Hopefully, you feel a little more inspired and your pump is primed ready to take intentional action!

Need more priming?

Need help with the action steps?

Call me.

It’s time. Rip off the blinders of status quo and build a tribe!

Have a great Monday. Thanks for letting me share!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to take intentional action of your Power of Three.

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