Monday Morning Boost: “Do you really want the grease?”

Monday Morning Boost: “Do you really want the grease?”

“Do you really want the grease?”

That’s the question Seth Godin recently posed in one of his daily blogs.

Okay, first of all, a daily blog???

Yep. The quintessential father of “Permission Marketing” writes a daily blog. Some are short. Some are long. Each is highly valued. So the next time you think you’re sending too many emails…

But on to the grease.

In the age-old adage, “The squeaking wheel gets the grease,” the idea is the one who complains enough will get attention.

Or the one who is flashy enough, frequent enough, loud enough, etc.

It’s also true, as we’ve been experiencing and delightfully enjoying with baby Corbin, for brand new babies.

But when it comes to the squeaky wheel, it may have worked in the 1800’s. Or maybe even in the 1980’s.

But not today.

The real question, Seth Godin purports, is how do we make things better? How do we contribute and make things better for a community, a family, a company, a brand?

Seth shares three key points (can I call them a #PowerOfThree?) for making a better and more lasting impact.

  • Take responsibility (without authority) and creating a positive cycle of generous action.
  • Lead by example.
  • Find a small corner where you can make a difference-and then make a difference.

“We keep optimizing our systems for squeaky wheels,” Godin wraps up. “But often, all we get is a patch, not a fix.”

I want to be a fix.

I bet you do too.


Squeeking wheels often demand immediate attention, which often means immediate fixing. Too often we fix with a “patch,” stop the bleeding, rather than fix the source of the problem.

I was exploring this subject last week with Jason Nelson, a friend and fellow business owner who I associate with on a weekly basis. Jason owns several businesses and has recently launched a new business adventure. He fits the definition of being a serial entrepreneur.

Jason brings a key strength a business leader. “I don’t just fix the problem,” he told me. “I fix the problem causing the problem.”


The same concept is true when it comes to putting out fires, at home or at work.

Fires happen. They’re simply part of life. When they happen, we have to deal with them and put them out.

Mark McKenna teaches there is another option. Mark is a good friend who is also an expert on organizational management. He’s written a wonderful children’s book, “Put Out The Fires,” that is also one of the best business and life books I’ve ever read.

His concept is pretty simple. Focus your efforts on the source of the fire rather than wasting all your energy just trying to put out the fire.

Go buy the book and discover how you can… in Mark’s words… “Stop Putting Out Fires and Start Slaying the Dragons.”

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to be more than just a squeaky wheel.

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